The new addres is:
Schoolstraat 18
8711 BD Workum.

It is situated about 200 yards in direction towards the towncentre.
Walk along the water, cross the T-crossroad and go 4 houses to the right.

New making and repair of bowed instruments
Rehair and repair of bows
Accessories (strings, suitcases, etc.)
Professional workmanship

Welcome to the violin making workshop

The company name: ‘E.P. Meijer – Vioolbouwatelier’ is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, number 01.042.661.
Owner: E.P. Meijer

Schoolstraat 18
8711 BD Workum
Phone: (+31)(0)515-542573
Please use, if necessary, the answerphone, and you will be called back as soon as possible.
Email:   E.P.Meijer@kpnmail.nl

Opening Hours
By appointment only.
This is a one-man workshop, so I am not always around.

A visit/call is free of charge
For assessment of instrument damage it will normally be necessary to have the object in hand and preferably be seen by daylight.

New construction      Is done both on my own initiative and on order. There is a good stock of new and older instruments.
Repair                        Small work according to standard tariffs; larger jobs require an estimate. An estimate  is without obligation and usually free of charge.
Bows                          Redo of bow-hair is often necessary, but is up to the musician to decide. Most of the other repairs can also be carried out. I like doing this; well, inexpensive and quickly.
Trade                         Violin building is my profession, is central to the activities and forces to a certain degree of restriction. The   work will be carried out in a residential house; there is no shop and no stock space, so that the trade there is limited stock.
Valuation                   Valuation of instruments is not done as a service. It is improper and often counter-productive. Whoever owns something of value knows that in most cases themselves.

Some people attach great importance to qualifications. I graduated as follows:

  • Violinmaking School Mittenwald, Germany (1973) (Gesellenprüfung)
  • VEMI (1975) (Musical instrument and sheetmusic dealer)
  • Center Wood (1983) (Wood knowledge)

In the workshop is a list of tariffs which is normally the actual basis for my services. The hourly rate is € 24.05 Including 21% VAT.

Terms and Conditions
Delivery takes place after payment. This also applies to repair work. The payment can be arranged separately for large jobs, such as a new construction.
Strings cannot be exchanged or taken back!
The sale of instruments concerns specific objects. These are by no means standard articles. You need to convince yourselves of each object in advance should you decide to buy.
Once sold, you may exchange it within the statutory period with a closed purse. The purchase price will not be refunded.
In normal cases you have a 1 year warranty on instruments. The guarantee comprises the normal technical good use of the instrument.

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